Palm Beach Acting School

Professional Training For The Actor


Live out your dreams & desires on an emotional level.

To end up someplace you have never been before. Like rising up out of the ashes and saving the world! Further into the training at Palm Beach Acting School we will work on FANTASY exercises. This is where you have the chance to live out something fully. A fantasy is something so personal that you may never perform it in real life. Fantasies come from your dreams and desires. Living out that fantasy opens you up artistically in a way that no acting exercise can. The circumstances are personal to you, which you must make in every scene. They're real to you, which you must make in every scene. They emotionalize you, which you must make in every scene, and they're really happening to you, which again, you must make come to fruition in every scene you're ever asked to do.

Fantasies are sometimes used to prepare for the emotionally demanding Spoon Rivers.

What separates the amateur from the professional...and if you can do these, you can do anything!

SPOON RIVERS refers to a book of poetry written over a hundred years ago by Edgar Lee Masters, title The Spoon River Anthology. These poems are all spoken by people who have since passed on, and sum up their lives from the unique perspective of being able to see their lives as whole and complete. Some are angry, some desperate, some elated, and others reveal the depth of depravity in the human condition. All are deeply felt, as these speeches are the stepping off point to heaven or hell as the case may be. By tackling a large section of dialogue then living out fully, and emotionally, the human truth of the circumstance of these people's lives and deaths, the actor learns how to handle a speech, or "monologue" in a way that is personal, artistic and imaginative. This part of the training is what separates the amateur from the professional actor!

Spoon Rivers are done so that the actor is more interesting and believable. Every moment must have absolute clarity. By always having one clear point of view from beginning to end, the actor knows who he/she is talking to and why. Every speech must be filled with emotion, and is a human experience that must be lived out fully.

At Palm Beach Acting School, this is where you learn to do character work which comes from how you feel about something, and how you do what you do. A character is anytime that you alter your straight behavior. Don't try to be the character. Instead, you create a living human being in all the complexity of his/her character and behavior. Once you get to the life of the speech, it always comes out better than just memorizing the lines. When you talk out a speech for yourself, and make it your own, it becomes yours!

Like Emotional Preparation training, many actors consider Spoon River studies as a major turning point in their training. Like scenes, Spoon Rivers are performed with everything you have learned up to this point. They require the very deepest emotional preparations to perform. Most actors find it as the hardest part of the training. However, it is what every student works towards...becoming a fully trained actor! If you can do the Spoon Rivers to the degree demanded of you at Palm Beach Acting School, you can do anything!

To stand head & shoulders above the rest!

Everyone learns at his or her own pace, and there is no time limit involved. Students who work with this much acting intensity are usually very supportive of each other. Rehearsals with classmates between classes are mandatory if you plan to become a professional actor. Talented people are immediately drawn towards this type of acting awareness. Others are disinterested when they discover that the training requires discipline, and hard work, and that the actors are having true experiences with real emotions. Many just can't go there. The program at Palm Beach Acting School guarantees that you will either learn to act to the very best of your ability or that the real demands of acting are not for you.

This is how most professional actors work. Students who have trained this way stand head and shoulders above the rest!

Finally, as a performer you will want to be recognized for your achievements. Those who see your work, do so for the theatrical experience. They will remember how you made them feel!

Therefore, create a performance which deals with human emotions, and heartfelt stories. People will want to learn and grow from being exposed to your work...and to become better members of society!