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Live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances of the moment.

At Palm Beach Acting School we take the position that everyone holds the key to his or her own success. The goal of the artist is to supply truthful feelings under given circumstances, and to translate dialogue into behavior and action. Acting is the art of self-realization, where art expresses human experience. The degree at which the actor will be successful is directly related to the degree at which he/she can make up meaningful situations that touch the heart.

In the training at Palm Beach Acting School we will always be working with imaginary circumstances when we act. Never at any time will you be asked to disclose something personal about your past or present life experiences. Acting is not therapy and should not make you sick. However, if you are working correctly, there is a good chance that you will feel emotionally exhausted at the completion of a good exercise. Learning to act is about finding the truth of the moment, and connecting with your partner on a human level.

Acting is not intellectual. It is not pretending, learning how to hit your mark, talking, doing "cold reads", or simply crying. The emotions that an actor feels must be the result of doing something for real!

Acting is spontaneous and instinctual; connecting with your partner, and living truthfully under the imaginary circumstances, moment to unanticipated moment! Acting is expressing exactly how you feel during each and every moment. Acting is not how you say the lines; it is how you behave emotionally while saying them.

Learning to act is much like building a house. First, you put down a solid foundation. Next, you add onto that foundation layer by layer. The approach at Palm Beach Acting School trains you to become a whole and complete actor by laying an unshakeable foundation of the fundamentals all good actors share.


Pay attention to humanity.

No one can give you talent. Your talent is revealed when you exercise your ability to be affected by the other person on the stage. Don't be an actor. Instead, be a human being who works off of what exists under the imaginary circumstances. Bring your understanding and truthful feelings to everything that you do. Pay attention to humanity and see people as they really are in life. Don't give a performance, let the performance give you!

Musicians, dancers, athletes and actors all share some things in common. They must all be disciplined, and they must all train in order to accomplish anything professionally! People with a natural acting talent are fairly common, but when that talent comes into contact with serious training it has a chance to cultivate and blossom. To become great at anything it takes practice and hard work. The training at Palm Beach Acting School requires that you rehearse between classes with your partner if you plan to progress. You simply work on the exercise that we teach, and bring the completed work to class. Little by little, over time, students make steady progress through correct practice.